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Isabelle Ruddy

Isabelle Ruddy

Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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One-on-one Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring

Small Group Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring

Official Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring workshops

As a student of the world, spiritual growth and evolution are essential to me and come naturally to my soul. Healing others is simply my nature, just as the sun cannot help but shine. My mission is to assist others in awakening to their divine potential and to remember their connection to the spiritual realms through being an inspirational figure, and transmitting effective empowerment of the soul. It is my desire that people may learn to let go, surrender to receive, live freely, and trust that they always have loving guidance by their side, every step of the way. My healing presence will help you to uncover the treasures within the depths of your being so that you may share your gifts in this lifetime for the betterment of the planet.

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