Welcome to the Isis Module – including template and workshop based on the Isis Oracle.

The Isis template and workshop is a powerful way to experience the incredible spiritual fortitude of the divine feminine spirit of Isis, with your role as High Priest or High Priestess in the holding of sacred space and facilitation of sacred ritual, moving meditation and more. Isis shows us that spirituality is bold, is determined, courageous and fierce. The Isis template supports us to lift the soul from the clutches of darkness into the presence of peaceful light which restores hope, spiritual protection and divine blessing of love, purity and liberation. This template works on a deep soul level to bring about healing change and deep spiritual relief.

In this template we work with Horus, Thoth, Sekhmet and Bastet. Horus and Thoth are a corrective energy and demonstrate an expression of healthy sacred masculinity and its powerful and necessary role in our world, in service to the sacred feminine. Sekhmet and Bastet are sacred sisters, and both patron deities that protect and empower healers. Together they are the sacred feminine in service to truth, honouring the Goddess Isis and in total harmony with the light of Horus and the wisdom of Thoth.

The main theme for the Isis template is empowerment through love. It is about gaining confidence in renewal, particularity after times of profound loss or a sense of losing connection with the light. With an emphasis on overcoming fear and darkness, building spiritual power, clearing negative associations with divinity and healing whatever may separate us from the Sacred Feminine, we feel that you will enjoy the powerful and alchemical nature of this practitioner module.

Module elements include: PDF documents, 2 x HD videos, and marketing kit including graphic design files.


  • Introduction to the SGSM Isis Module
  • SGSM Isis Template
  • SGSM Isis Workshop
  • SGSM Isis Module marketing kit

Course material (Please note these items are not included in the course fee)


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