Welcome to the Isis Module – including template and workshop based on the Isis Oracle.

The template came through unexpectedly from Higher Guidance as a radical unification of ancient Egyptian divinity with the esoteric and universal Christ energy for true honour and empowerment of the Sacred Feminine. The workshop is a powerful way to experience the incredible spiritual fortitude of the divine feminine spirit of Isis, with your role as High Priest or High Priestess in the holding of sacred space and facilitation of sacred ritual, moving meditation and more. With an emphasis on overcoming fear and darkness, building spiritual power, clearing negative associations with divinity and healing whatever may separate us from the Sacred Feminine, we feel that you will enjoy the powerful and alchemical nature of this practitioner module.

Module elements include: PDF documents, 2 x HD videos, and marketing kit including graphic design files.


  • Introduction to the SGSM Isis Module
  • SGSM Isis Template
  • SGSM Isis Workshop
  • SGSM Isis Module marketing kit

Course material (Please note these items are not included in the course fee)


If you have any questions about the course, please do not hesitate to write us at: [email protected] Payment plans are available.

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